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Consult a criminal justice attorney before entering a guilty plea. Criminal  charges and convictions can have profound consequences in your life.

The legal process is complex and long. We will guide you through each step of this process in order to preserve your fundamental rights and to obtain a best outcome for you. 

Our team will make a point of defending you vigorously by representing you throughout the legal process and by offering you clear and concise legal advice. 

We offer a personalized service to each and offer several payments methods. Different hourly rates will be applied depending on the complexity of the case. 

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Criminal Defense Practice Areas

Driving Offenses

Let our team take charge of your driving offences and develop a strategy that ensures you keeping the ability to drive and carry on with daily tasks that involve driving.

Drunk Driving

Driving while impaired is a serious offence that can lead you to face jail time. Our criminal defence lawyers will take charge of your case and assess your situation to make sure that you are getting the best legal representation.

Economic Offences

If you are charged with economic offences like fraud or theft, please contact our criminal defence lawyers to better assess your situation and to work on a defence strategy that suits you best. Feel free to reach out to us at anytime.

Crimes Against The Person

If you have been charged with violent crime accusations, please contact Aavocat, and our criminal lawyers will give you the best legal advice immediately. We will help you navigate through these accusations and make sure there is no injustice being done.

Crimes Regarding Firearms

Our team will help you fight any accusations related to firearms. We can defend you against accusations such as illegal possession of a firearm, the unauthorized use of a firearm, and the trafficking and importing as well as importing of firearms. If you are facing such serious accusations, please contact our team and we will work on the best outcome for you.

Infractions Of A Sexual Nature

If you are facing accusations or charges on the accounts of infractions of a sexual nature, please contact Aavocats and we will work on strategy that avoids serious conditions or jail time. Our team will work on the best outcome for you.

Possession, Trafficking, Importation Of Prohibited Substances

Our team will work on a thorough defence strategy that will defend you any accusations related to drug infractions be it possession of illegal substances, trafficking, importing and exporting illegal substances. Our team will fight for the best outcome possible for you.

Any Other Offense Under The Criminal Code.

For any other accusations related to the criminal code, please call, immediately, our team and will be there to assist you to any criminal law infraction. Feel free to reach out to us anytime, we are available around the clock.