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DUI and Traffic Tickets.

Let a speeding tickets lawyer help you keep your driving license as it is an essential privilege for our daily tasks. An offence under the Highway Safety Code may result in the loss of this privilege following an accumulation of demerit points. 

Statement offences may also have financial consequences, such as increased fees for driving licenses and insurance premiums. 

We will negotiate with the prosecutors and will plead against them to preserve your driving license and avoid any financial consequences related to the accumulation of demerit points. 

You can trust us to take care of your file and have the peace of mind of not having to travel. Your file can be treated remotely. 

If your driving license gets suspended, our team will plead a request for a restricted license so that you can continue to drive for work purposes. 

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Traffic Tickets Practice Areas

Cellphone Tickets

It is forbidden, according the Highway Safety Code, to carry a cellphone or any other device with a phone function while driving. Let us help you appeal your driving tickets and keep your points.

Excessive Speeding

According the Highway Safety Code, the penalty for a driver pulled over excessive speeding will depend on the seriousness of the infraction. Our team can help you prevent or alleviate the penalty, and keep your license.

Reckless & Dangerous Driving

Any action that could endanger a person or a property with you behind the wheel can be considered as reckless driving. Speeding is an example, and the penalties are hefty and fines and demerit points. Let us help you appeal for your tickets and keep your valuable points.

Drunk Driving

While the penalty for the first offence of driving impaired is a fine of 1000$, the subsequent offences risk you facing jail time of minimum 30 days. Let our team of specialists help you in such situations.

Hit And Run

Under the law, after an accident, the failure to stop and provide your information to the authority is a hit and run. In the case of an injury, it is considered an offence. Let our team look into the circumstances and validity of the charge and reduce the penalties if the grounds are valid.

Driving Over Continuous Line

Let our team take care of tickets related to penalties related to the disrespect to the lines and their rules. We can help you appeal such tickets and make sure you can stay behind the wheel and keep your license.

Traffic Lights & Stop Signs

Failure to respect a Stop sign or traffic lights can cause serious penalties that can be heavy on your driving license and driving permit. Let our team of specialists fight these tickets for you and ensure your are best represented.

Other services

For other services such as penalties related to couch surfing, car surfing seatbelt tickets or other tickets related to traffic, feel free to reach out to us and we will make sure that you are well represented.